DIY Electric Guitar Kit Building for Beginners

Build Your First Easy P-Style Bass
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Read My Review Here is here to help you find and build a great looking, great playing DIY electric guitar kit without breaking the bank. You don’t need a lot of expensive tools or an extensive skillset. But you do need the desire to finish a fun project, and maybe a little bit of patience along the way. And you need a place to turn for helpful ideas and guidance. That’s!

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  • Building A Tele Style Kit
    For DIY electric guitar kit builders, the Telecaster’s relative simplicity in design is the perfect entry point to understanding and crafting electric guitars.
  • The Right Kit For Your Skill Level
    DIY electric guitar kits vary greatly in the skills required to successfully complete the project. So how do you choose the right kit for your skill level?
  • Another Pango DIY Guitar Kit Review
    I built a Pango kit last year, and though there were lots of issues it eventually turned out pretty nice. Here’s what happened when I tried Pango a second time.
  • Using a String Butler
    A String Butler is designed to improve the tuning stability and string placement of a Les Paul. See how I used this concept to fix a poorly designed DIY kit.
  • Leo Jaymz DIY Explorer Bass Review
    Leo Jaymz DIY guitar kits are among the best found for the budget-minded builder. This Leo Jaymz DIY Explorer bass kit was fun build and turned out great.
  • Building a DIY Violin Bass Kit
    A DIY violin bass might be a little more advanced than other DIY bass guitar kits. But it is an exciting challenge, and it’s also a fun little bass to play!
  • How to Set Up Your DIY Bass
    After completing your bass kit you will need to properly set it up so your instrument is playable. Here are the steps I take with my DIY bass guitar kits.
  • Should You Build From Parts or From a Kit?
    Besides the pre-packaged DIY kits, many enthusiasts like to build electric guitars ala carte. For your next project, should you build from parts or from a kit?
  • Essential Wiring and Soldering Tools
    Wiring electronic components can be intimidating to beginning DIY guitar kit builders. It doesn’t have to be. Using the right tools makes the task much easier.
  • How To Finish A Veneer Top
    Veneer tops make beautiful finished guitar projects you can be proud to show off. But how do you get a great finish? Can you do it on cheap DIY guitar kits?
  • My Pango Experience
    My experience with Pango has been, let’s just say, much less than stellar. Are Pango guitar kits any good? Maybe. But their customer service certainly isn’t.
  • Basic Electric Guitar Wiring
    Wiring can be intimidating for a beginning DIY electric guitar kit builder. Are you looking at a pile of components and wires wondering what to do with them?
  • Building An Explorer
    The distinctive shape of an Explorer makes it enticing to the DIY electric guitar kit builder. Here are a few thoughts from my Explorer style DIY experience.
  • My DIY Tele and Strat Syle Builds
    Fender-style builds like Telecaster and Stratocaster kits can be a lot of fun to build, set up, and play. Here are a few of the ones I have built so far.
  • My DIY Bass Guitar Builds
    I’ve been a bass player since my teens, so it was natural for me to start with a DIY bass guitar kit. Here are a few I have built so far. I hope you enjoy them.
  • Coluber Cable Strat-Style Kit Review
    If you’ve searched for an economical beginner kit, you may have come across this Coluber Cable or a similar Strat-style kit. Are these good beginner kits?
  • Pango DIY Electric Guitar Kit Review
    Is a Pango DIY electric guitar kit a good choice? Is this a quality kit? How long does it take to arrive? What if I encounter issues? Here are my answers.
  • Short Scale Children’s LP DIY Kit Review
    They call these “Children’s DIY guitar kits.” But they require just as effort and skill as any other Strat or Tele DIY electric guitar kit – maybe more.
  • My First DIY Electric Guitar Kit
    I’ve been a guitar player for more than 50 years. But it wasn’t until I retired that I decided to try building a DIY electric guitar kit myself.
  • Neck and Fret Setup Tools
    A straight neck and level frets are important for the playability of your completed DIY electric guitar kit. Here are some tools to help achieve that goal.
  • Building Electric Guitars (Book Review)
    Building Electric Guitars by Martin Koch is one of the top rated resources on making your own electric guitar. Every kit builder will benefit from this book.
  • The Best Beginner DIY Guitar Kit
    What is the best beginner DIY guitar kit? There are hundreds of DIY electric guitar kits to choose from. Here are some things to consider.
  • Setting Up Your Electric Guitar
    You have finished your DIY electric guitar kit and it looks great! Now it’s time for setting up your guitar so that it plays and sounds as good as it looks.
  • Glarry GST Electric Guitar Review
    The Glarry GST Stat-style electric guitar is a great sounding and comfortable to play instrument for beginning musicians. It’s hard to beat at this price point.
  • Left-Handed DIY Guitar Kits
    Are you left-handed and want to build your own DIY electric guitar? Selecting a left-handed kit can be a real challenge. We’ll help you find the right one.
  • Fistrock P-Bass DIY Guitar Kit Review
    I’ve wanted to do a paulownia wood guitar kit for a long time. As a bass player, this Fistrock Precision-style DIY bass guitar kit really caught my eye.
  • How to Shape a Headstock
    Many DIY electric guitar kits come with unfinished blade headstocks. Here is a straightforward way to successfully shape a headstock on your DIY electric guitar.
  • Where to Buy DIY Electric Guitar Kits
    Where is the best place for you to buy a DIY electric guitar kit? We think there is one source that offers the widest selection and great customer service.
  • Fistrock DIY Strat Kit Review
    Fistrock is a quality line of affordable DIY electric guitar kits sold through Amazon. This Strat-style kit is great for the beginner or experienced builder.
  • Fixing or Hiding Blemishes
    Sometimes while working on your DIY kit you encounter a problem – perhaps one you discover, or one you inadvertently cause. Here are some ideas on fixing them.
  • Leo Jaymz DIY Electric Guitar Kit Review
    Have you wondered if a Leo Jaymz kit was really worth building? I ordered a Tele-style kit and put it together. Here is an overview of how that went.
  • Muslady DIY Electric Guitar Kit Review
    Muslady DIY electric guitar kits are sold through Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers. Have you ever wondered just what you might be getting?
  • My Experience With The Fret Wire
    Thinking about a Fret Wire kit? Before you order one directly from The Fret Wire, take a minute to read about my experience.
  • Electric Bass DIY Guitar Kits
    An electric bass guitar is a great choice for your first DIY kit project. Even if you aren’t a bass player, you will learn a lot about the process.
  • LP Style DIY Guitar Kits
    The Les Paul (LP) style guitar is one of the most popular DIY electric guitar kits. It requires a little more skill and patience than a beginner kit.
  • Tele Style DIY Guitar Kits
    A Tele-style is one of the easiest DIY electric guitar kits to build. If you are just starting out in electric guitar kit-building, this is a great one to try.
  • Strat Style DIY Guitar Kits
    Building your own Strat-style DIY electric guitar can be rewarding. They aren’t too difficult, though the tremolo bridge might be a little challenging.